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There comes a time when owners want to remodel their properties to improve their comfort or even to increase the resale value. The main obstacle faced by the owners to win is to obtain adequate financing to finance their ideas.

At NA Design Builders, we believe that every client should have the opportunity to realize their dreams. That is why we offer several financing packages for our customers to choose. There is something for everyone: some plans do not require down payment, there are no payments for up to 12 months and long-term payment options for up to 10 years.

Below is a quick overview of the financial companies with which we partner.

Hero Financing

If you plan to make low-energy and / or water-saving improvements in your home, you can apply for a loan through HERO and get approval in minutes. No more waiting weeks to determine if you will have the necessary funds to begin remodeling your kitchen, lavatory or exterior. The plans are elastic, allowing you to select the terms you want. You can also use your property liabilities to make payments.

Aqua Financing

Do you need a loan without down payment? So Aqua Financing is a great option. This company finances housing remodeling projects that focus on renovations that revolve around energy efficiency, water savings and renewable resource. The terms of the loan are between five and 30 years, and it is paid with property taxes. This financing program comes without penalty for prepayment and will not appear on your credit report.

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