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Flooring Contractors Los Angeles

If you’re thinking of using a floor service and need reliable floor installation contractor in Los Angeles, we’re the best flooring company near you. Our dynamic flooring company is the best in the city. Flooring Contractors offer the highest quality floor materials and services with the highest level of specialist knowledge to offer quality that exceeds your expectations.

NA Design Builders in Hollywood offers the highest level of quality, variety and craftsmanship from all floor stores in Los Angeles County. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles were founded at Route 66 in 1948 and have over 70 years of experience in serving the vibrant population of Hollywood and the ever-changing entertainment industry. Flexibility is the foundation of our business because we’ve seen decades of change in the interior design industry. For residents, artists and business owners, we offer classic brands for fans of traditional styles. However, we regularly adapt exclusive designs for creative minds that want to stay ahead of global trends.

To meet the requirements of our rapidly growing clientele, we have moved twice and now we have a showroom with an area of ​​15,000 square meters, in which a wide range of materials is exhibited. Although our products are infinitely diverse, our constant mission is to provide high quality floors to every customer in Los Angeles. NA Design Builders works with owners, designers and contractors to provide high-quality, flexible floor solutions in your home or business space. Our specialists have the knowledge to find the best floor solution for your space and budget needs.

Choose from local or imported hardwood materials or discover our wide range of local rug structures and styles. Our vinyl and laminated products are inexpensive, durable and easy to install and maintain. Would you like to welcome animals or small children? We have a waterproof, animal-friendly floor that can withstand frequent damage. Let us arrange the installation of an independent contractor or buy materials to do it yourself. Visit our showroom to get to know our work and contact us today to find the perfect floor for your lifestyle.

We Offer Assembly Services That Can Be Glued, Nailed, Stapled Or Floated On:
  • Laminate
  • 100% waterproof vinyl
  • Solid hardwood
  • Processed hardwood
  • Unfinished hardwood
  • cork floors
  • tile
  • carpet
  • staircase
  • balconies
  • and deck

Buff & Recoating

Strengthening and repainting is the best kept secret in the world of wooden floors. It is the process of repairing the existing polyurethane layer by covering it from above. (This is sometimes called “reinforcement and cloak” because the screen is often dragged across the floor with a pad. A sieve is simply a mesh encrusted with abrasive particles. Because it is a sieve, there are less abrasive particles per square inch, which makes it generally less aggressive than abrasive paper (for example, a 120 grit abrasive screen is less aggressive), abrasive paper with a grain size greater than 120. The sieves are also used under thick, soft pads, which further weaken the cutting effect of the sieves. This is desirable because soil screening should leave sufficient texture in the soil to bind the new polyurethane layer; Sieving should remove only a small part of the existing surface.

Refinishing & Sanding

Our well-trained craftsmen first determine the appropriate number of sanding passes and sandpaper required for each task. Depending on the age and type of surface, as well as the condition and type of wood repaired, the floor may require sanding two to four times.

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Hardwood Repairs

We strive to professionally repair and renovate existing floors to maintain them in optimal condition so that the investment continues to benefit for years. Regardless of whether your floors are boring, boring or just dirty, no matter how often you clean them, our comprehensive catering service guarantees that you will fall in love with the wooden floor again.

Take a look at the repair services we offer:
  • cracked wood
  • Soil damaged by water
  • Gaps between boards
  • buckle
  • Curved wooden floors
  • Deep furrows or dents
  • Curved floors
  • Scratches on hardwood floors
  • High-pitched sound
  • Damaged hardwood boards
  • Other problems with hardwood repair

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