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Residential Remodeling

At NA Design Builders, we are a general residential contractors Los Angeles with a full range of services from A to Z, specializing in all kinds of renovation projects. We can renew the whole house, concentrate only outside or inside, renovate one or two specific rooms or add new rooms to the house if necessary. Established in 2004, we’ve been rebuilding homes in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly hills, North Hollywood, and studio city for over 16 years, meanwhile gaining the respect of customers and competitors and becoming one of the most reliable industry brands. Residential Remodeling Contractors main principles have always been building trust relationships with each client, providing comprehensive information and advice, but never trying to put pressure on the client and do any work we undertake (young and old), using our experience, the highest quality materials and equipment, and disciplined work ethics.

What Do We Mean By “Full Service”?

By signing a contract with NA Design Builders, you get a full range of services that will meet all your needs for home remodeling Los Angeles. First of all, we advise you free of charge, make an offer and discuss options so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next. Secondly, we offer a low entry price without hidden surprises and fees for small prints. Thirdly, we attach great importance to everything we do for you, and we support this claim with a guarantee of satisfaction and valuable guarantees.

NA Design Builders has a team of over 16 experienced dealers, including professional architects and construction engineers, certified electricians and installers, carpenters, roofers, interior designers and many more. Remodelers can do everything in every room of the house from the beginning of the renovation of the house to the end, saving time, costs and additional effort by employing several contractors and trying to coordinate them. In the field of design, we can create plans, architectural drawings and create more modern 3D models using computers. The end result is that you have a very good picture of what the finished product will look like before you start remodeling.

In construction, we only use the highest quality materials that have stood the test of time. We adhere to the strictest safety procedures at all times and minimize lifestyle disruptions during construction so that most of our customers can stay at home during the project. Residential Remodeling Contractors also work six days a week from Monday to Saturday, usually from 8am to 5pm. Although in rare cases we can go on a special vacation, we follow a full and regular work schedule to maximize the speed of a residential remodeling Los Angeles. In addition, we always want to start by discussing the likely cost of the project with you, helping you plan better how to do it, and staying within your budget. We also regularly finance our clients and build on long-term relationships with large banks. We have many plans, including unsecured loans, refinancing options and the HERO program for energy efficiency / water saving improvements. But our services don’t stop there. We also organize all permits and inspections required to comply with local building codes and regulations. We know which professions do not require a license, which license is required and what city services to obtain. We can physically go to the town hall and take care of this aspect of the renovation project.

Examples of Our Renovation Projects

Our construction measures are very diverse and not all specific projects we deal with can simply be replaced. However, here are some of the most common types of renovation:

Complete remodeling and/or extension of the kitchen, often accompanied by remodeling or adding a bathroom.

Renovation of interior bedrooms, living rooms, attics, basements and all other rooms in the house.

Laying new floors, including hardwood, laminate, tiles, tiled wood, and carpet.

Installation of energy-efficient LED lighting, solar panels, and other energy-saving and water-saving products.

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Outdoor renovation, including coating/painting, roof replacement, terrace, patio roofing, fence, porches, privacy screens and more.

Add insulation and ventilation in the attic, as well as protection against heat radiation in the attic ceiling.

New buildings, conversions and room extensions.

Outdoor kitchens and barbecues, stone terraces, bricks, standard concrete or pressed concrete and all types of landscaping.

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We are proud to provide unprecedented customer service, and recommendations and repeat customers account for a large percentage of our projects. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can hear some of our previously satisfied customers on our first-hand reference page.

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